Author: David Doonan

  • and our work continues throughout the country

    Green Candidates at ZeroHour Youth Climate March Green Party of New York candidates Howie Hawkins for Governor and Mark Dunlea for State Comptroller will head up a Green Party contingent […]

  • Press Conference with State and Local Candidates

    Left to right: Dr. Brett Joseph, Lt. Governor of Ohio; Constance Gadell-Newton, Governor of Ohio; Mollie Dyer, Missouri HD-162; Michael White, Governor of Wisconsin; Michael Feinstein, Secretary of State, CA; Tiffany […]

  • Federal Candidates Press Conference

    Green Party candidate running for federal office, left to right: Jo Crain, U.S. Senate, Missouri; Laura Wells, Congress, CA; Dr. Rodolfo Cortes Barragan, Congress, CA; Brendan Phillips, Moderator, Utah; Madelyn Hoffman, […]

  • RadioActive Talks With Chase Iron Eyes

    RadioActive’s Lara Jones spoke with attorney Chase Iron Eyes of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. He was in Salt Lake City to give a keynote address to the Green Party […]

  • US Green Party hoping to make gains in midterm elections

    Al Jazeera by Kristen Saloomey July 20, 2018 The Green Party in the US is hoping to capitalise on the current political impasse in November’s midterm elections. The party believes […]

  • Join Us to Power Up Green! July 19-22

    Please join us at Salt Lake, July 19-22. Come seize the moment and redouble the fight for people, planet and peace over profit. Bring your friends and power up with […]

  • Talent Show!

    The Green Party’s 2018 Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City is coming up this July. We wanted to make you sure knew about the Party/Fundraiser that is happening on Saturday […]

  • Despite a sharp split with Utah leaders’ stand on Bears Ears and public lands, the Green Party is coming to Salt Lake City for its national convention

    The Salt Lake Tribune By Courtney Tanner March 6, 2018 The Green Party will hold its national convention in Utah this year — despite being at odds with the state’s […]

  • Welcome

    The Green Party of the United States will become part of Utah’s history when the Annual National Meeting is held July 19-22 in Utah’s state capital, Salt Lake City. Greens […]