Salt Lake City, Utah

What do Joe Hill, Robert Redford, Emma Lou Thayne, Terry Tempest Williams,
Tim DeChristopher, Philo Farnsworth, and Edward Abbey all have in common?

UTAH! – Power Up Green!

The Green Party will now become part of Utah’s history when the Annual National Meeting will be held July 19-22 in Utah’s state capital, Salt Lake City.

Welcome to Salt Lake City!

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Salt Lake City (SLC) is Utah’s capital city with an elevation of 4,226′. The Great Salt Lake lies to the West of SLC and the Wasatch Mountain Range to the East. The downtown area is home to the headquarters of the Mormon Church and the Mormon Temple, numerous museums, theaters, and outdoor and indoor venues for festivals and concerts. SLC hosts some of the largest festivals in the country, including the Days of ’47 Pioneer Day Parade, July 24 and the Utah Pride Parade held annually the first weekend in June. SLC hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics.
There are also many culturally diverse dining options in SLC as well as night life activities.

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Welcome to Utah!

Utah is home many outdoor recreation opportunities that attract people from all over the world, including skiing and snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking and backpacking, rock climbing, spelunking and river rafting. Utah also hosts the Sundance Film Festival and has many landscapes that are favored by the film industry.

Utah has five Native American tribes which include Goshute, Navajo, Paiute, Shoshoni, and Ute. A recent court case was won by the Navajo nation in Southern Utah, who comprise a majority of the population there,  wherein the voting districts for the San Juan County commission and school board districts were reconfigured to allow for a more fair representation of Navajo voters.

Utah’s landscape is rich in environmental diversity. That landscape continues to be threatened by mining, toxic waste storage, air pollution from refineries, and efforts to build tar sands mines and nuclear facilities. Sacred lands, wetlands, and all life that calls them home are in danger by these activities and Utahans continue to fight to preserve the land, air and water. Local events at the ANM will include a focus on the effects that these threats have on the environment and all life that exists in it.

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Tips for staying at higher altitudes:

Salt Lake City’s altitude is at 4,226′ above sea level. Although you shouldn’t experience Altitude Sickness (that is more common at the ski resort altitude levels), you may experience some side effects due to the thinner air, depending on where you are traveling from.  Here are some tips:

  1. Water: Drink lots of it.  Stay hydrated. The combination of higher altitude and dry climate can cause quick dehydration. Start drinking lots of water before you arrive and stay hydrated (recommended 8 glasses/day) throughout your trip because it helps your body acclimate to the altitude faster.
  2. Caffeine and Alcohol:  Avoid caffeine and alcohol while you’re still acclimating. Avoid drinking alcohol the first night you’re here or take medications that contain Benzodiazepine if you can help it. Both suppress breathing rates, and this causes lower levels of oxygen in the blood.
  3. Exercise: Take it easy. You may be out of breath earlier than usual, so take that into account when you go out. Plan on shorter jogs/walks and give yourself extra time.
  4. Diet: Eat right – and enough. Complex carbohydrates allow you to use oxygen more efficiently and help maintain your energy levels. Plan on eating plenty of complex carbohydrates including whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes.
  5. Rest: The ANM will be a power-packed event.  Be sure you are getting the amount of sleep you need to function during this busy time!
  6.  Know the Danger Signs: Although it’s unlikely at Salt Lake’s altitude, you should still know the symptoms of altitude sickness which can surface with even the healthiest of people.  If the above treatments do not help these symptoms, seek medical help.
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Fatigue/loss of energy
  • Insomnia

Other information:

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