Partial list of workshops accepted for 2018 Green Party Annual National Meeting

Please note that not all speakers have confirmed their participation yet. This is just a partial list of those accepted. We will have a more detailed schedule and workshop descriptions later in June.

Legislative Sessions for the GPUS National Committee Mike Feinstein
“What do you mean you’re not Green?” Alison Cesar
Presidential Politics – Looking Ahead to 2020 2020 John Andrews and Violet Zitola
Fear of Others Olivia Cadaval & David Bosserman
Social Media for Greens 101 Dave Schwab
Evolution of Democracy Garrett Connelly
Worldwide Greens, focusing on Asia Pacific Greens Federation Lynn West
Cooperation Humboldt: A model David Cobb
Sovereign Monetary Reform in our National Platform Sue Peters
Campaigning In Rural America AJ Reed
How To Tell Your Story! Chuck Tyler
The Green Party and the Fight Against War Linda Thompson
Transforming the Political Discourse Brett Joseph and Constance Gadell-Newton
System Thinking Games Brian Setzler
For Green Party Growth at the Polls: Dialogue, Not Ideology John Rensenbrink
A Rank and File strategy for Green Party’s Growth and Sustainability Alison Baldree, Ron Burch
Four Pillars & an Ethical Campaign Tom Mair
Virality, organic reach and growth in an age of censorship Elijah Manley, Jake Ellis
Recount Update: Election Protection & Voting Justice Jill Stein and David Cobb
Running for Office 101 Hillary Kane
Block Chain for Government Nathan Pelkey
Make the News: Getting Media Coverage Dave Schwab and Meleiza Figueroa
Presentation on Reparations Traehern Crews, Artiium Arbyummi
2020 Presidential Strategy Session Violet Rose Zitola and Holly Hart
Overpopulation – Next Extinction Don Sather
Necessaries of Life Stephen Verchinski and Deanna Murphy