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  Room 1A Seminar 1 Seminar 2 Alpine Bonneville
9:00 AM Media Block Chain For Government – Nathan Pelkey Treasurer 101 – Hillary Kane) explore and practice the next steps in evolution of democracy – Garrett Connelly Standing Rock – Chase Ironeyes
10:00 AM Media Break Break Break Break
10:15 AM Media Uniting Left and Progressive support – Jill Stein, Alison Baldree, Gloria Mattera, Cheri Honkala and Richard Monje Running for Office 101 – Hillary Kane How To Tell Your Story! – Chuck Tyler For Green Party Growth at the Polls: Dialogue, Not Ideology – John Rensenbrink
11:15 AM Media Break Break Break Break
11:30 AM Media Rank Choice Voting – Scott Siebel Eco-Action Talks on Henry David Thoreau’s Necessaries of Life – Stephen Verchinski and Deanna Murphy

Facebook, virality, organic reach and growth in an age of censorship – Philena Farley and Jake Ellis

Not confirmed
12:30 PM Media Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1:30 PM Black Caucus Presentation on Reparations – Traehern Crews and Artiium Arbyummi Transforming the political discourse: How to confront anti-truth propaganda with resonant, fact-based narratives and a future focus. – Brett Joseph and Constance Gadell-Newton Make the News: Getting Media Coverage – Dave Schwab and Meleiza Figueroa Cooperation Humboldt: A model – David Cobb  
2:30 PM Break Break Break Break Break
2:45 PM 2020 Presidential Strategy Session – Violet Rose Zitola and Holly Hart System Thinking Games – Brian Setzler The Green Party and the fight Against War – Gloria Mattera, Joy Davis, Rich Whitney and Jill Stein Single Payer Healthcare – Margaret Flowers Not confirmed
3:45 PM Break Break Break    
4:00 PM Overpopulation – Next Extinction – Don Sather

Marketing and analytic principles for Facebook and online virality-Philena Farley and Jake Ellis

Paths to Power-Immigrants Rights, Low Wage Workers, and the Teamsters Fight from Below – Richard Monje, Cheri Honkala, Richard Hooker, Anita Rios Building Unity through Authentic Relationship – George Friday

Cooperation Humboldt: A model – David Cobb