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9:00-10:00 am Workshop session #4

SEMINAR 1 – Block Chain For Government by Nathan Pelkey – Putting the Municipal Bond Market onto an individually backed Block Chain can go further than a “Universal Basic Income” to a system of “Individual Value Creation,” decreasing minority inequality and improving rural development. This workshop will delve more deeply into Block Chain economics and its benefits.

SEMINAR 2 – Treasurer 101 by Hillary Kane – This workshop is for anyone holding the title of treasurer — whether for a local or state party or a candidate’s campaign. We will review topics such as good record keeping, campaign finance reporting, creating (and using) a budget, online payment processing, and more! Easy online tools will also be demonstrated. People who just want to learn more so they can one day be a treasurer are also welcome to attend.

ALPINE RM – Evolution of Democracy: What’s Next? by Garrett Connelly – Explore and practice the next steps in evolution of democracy.

BONNEVILLE RM – What Do You Mean You’re Not Green? by Alison Cesar – Expanding the Green Party to the young and young at heart.

10:15-11:15 am Workshop session #5

SEMINAR 1 – Uniting Left and Progressive Supporters by Linda Thompson – The 2016 Presidential race saw over 6 left candidates running for POTUS and competing for votes. How can the Green Party reach out to other left parties and get them to unite behind our campaigns.

SEMINAR 2 – Running for Office 101 by Hillary Kane – A broad overview of the various aspects of running for political office, particularly as a Green Party candidate. We will cover topics such as building a campaign committee, fundraising, media, volunteer management, ballot access, and Get Out The Vote.

ALPINE RM – How To Tell Your Story! by Chuck Tyler – Public Narrative is an effective way to enable the empathic experience to link leaders with participants, participants with each other, and both with broader public values at stake.

BONNEVILLE RM – For Green Party Growth at the Polls? Dialogue, Not Ideology by John Rensenbrink – To be relevant to the voter and to be true to the intent and spirit of the Ten Key Values, it is crucial for Green candidates to present their message and themselves in a manner of being WITH the voters and not talk down to them. Thus: dialogue is key.

11:30-12:30 pm Workshop session #6

SEMINAR 1 – Ranked Choice Voting by Scott Siebel – Overview of Ranked Choice Voting and status of progress.

SEMINAR 2 – Eco-Action Talks on Henry David Thoreau’s, Necessities of Life by Stephen Verchinski & Deanna Murphy – Eco-Action talks led by Eco-Action Committee members.

ALPINE RM – Asserting Local Control in Public Education by Dario Hunter – The increasing phenomenon of state control of local school districts is removing the voice and vote from some of our country’s most struggling school systems. This workshop will provide an overview of recent developments in school district takeovers and will also discuss how coordinated community activism can help turn the tide against toxic state takeovers.

BONNEVILLE RM – Not Confirmed (see insert)

1:30-2:30 pm Workshop session #7

SEMINAR 1 – Transforming Political Discourse: Confronting Propaganda with Fact-Based Narratives and Future Focus by Brett Joseph & Constance Gadell-Newton – When propaganda would reduce all fact to opinion, to the point where the concept of truth itself becomes meaningless, the stage is set for despotic rule. In this workshop we will lead an interactive discussion about how Green candidates, party officials, and volunteers have an opportunity this 2018 election season to effectively stand up for truthfulness and integrity in politics.

SEMINAR 2 – Make the News! Getting Media Coverage by Dave Schwab & Meleiza Figueroa – This workshop will present basic skills for working with the media, both traditional and new, to get coverage for your campaign or party and get your message out to a wider audience.

ALPINE RM – Open – Cooperation Humboldt: A Model by David Cobb – Cooperation Humboldt exists to cultivate a solidarity economy in our bioregion. We will prove we can collectively meet our needs to survive– and thrive– without exploitation or oppression. This session will also explore how to engage education, movement work and electoral politics in an integrated and symbiotic fashion

BONNEVILLE RM – Not Confirmed (see insert)

RM 1A – Black Caucus Presentation on Reparations by Traehern Crews & Artiium Arbyummi 

2:45-3:45 pm Workshop session #8 

SEMINAR 1 – System Thinking Games by Brian Setzler – Someone once said that there are two types of thinkers in the world – Event Thinkers and System Thinkers. Systems thinking expands the range of choices available to you for solving complex and persistent problems by broadening your thinking and helping you to articulate problems in new and different ways. For this session, we will play experiential learning games to increase our understanding and appreciation for systems and systems thinking while introducing you to some useful tools. Come stretch your mind and your awareness while having fun.

SEMINAR 2 – The Green Party and the fight Against War by Gloria Mattera, Joy Davis, Rich Whitney, & Jill Stein – 2018 has seen the revival of an anti war movement that has laid dormant for years. The Green Party is the only national anti war party and must be seen as the best builders of a mass movement in the streets against war and empire.

ALPINE RM – Single Payer Healthcare by Margaret Flowers – An overview of the progress for the single-payer healthcare campaign.

BONNIEVILLE RM – Not Confirmed (see insert)

RM 1A – 2020 Presidential Strategy Session by Violet Rose Zitola & Holly Hart – Modeled after a multi-state strategy conference held in 2003, this is an opportunity for participants to provide input and collectively develop a strategic vision for the 2020 Green Party presidential campaign.

4:00-5:00 pm Workshop session #9

SEMINAR 1 – A Rank and File strategy for Green Party’s Growth and Sustainability by Alison Baldree & Ron Burch – The Missouri Green Party earned ballot access in 2016. Over the past 2 years, they have grown their active dues paying members, built solidarity with front line activists and are challenging the status quo while becoming more and more organized every day. Learn the initial steps we have been taking to build a stronger, more organized ecosocialist movement in the heart of America.

SEMINAR 2 – Paths to Power by Richard Monje, Cheri Honkala, Richard Hooker, & Anita Rios – Immigrants Rights, Low Wage Workers, and the Teamsters Fight from Below.

RM 1A – Overpopulation – Next Extinction by Don Sather – World population has tripled in 70 years (2.5 billion to 7.5 billion) and is forecast to hit 9 billion by 2030 and 10 billion by 2040.

ALPINE RM – Building Unity through Authentic Relationship by George Friday  – System change requires Power, and building power across community and cultural difference rests on relationships of principle, integrity, and authenticity. How can one build and sustain such alliances in a culture that teaches no skills to build, share, or transfer power? Let’s explore that and learn some ways to move forward.

BONNIEVILLE RM – Not Confirmed (see insert)