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1:00-2:00 pm Workshop session #1

POST THEATER – Proposal Discussion: Legislative sessions for the GPUS National Committee by Mike Feinstein – A workshop to solicit input on the general concept of establishing regular legislative sessions for the GPUS National Committee (NC), and on the specific choices and trade-offs in how it would be implemented.

SEMINAR 1 – Sovereign Monetary Reform in our National Platform by Sue Peters This panel will explain the basics of changing our national monetary system from one based on private bank money creation to public money creation. The Green Party’s national platform contains ‘Greening the Dollar’ which explains how we can have a money system working for people and not putting all of us more and more into debt. When the issuance (creation) of money is changed to a system under public control and with full public scrutiny, we can start to bring our nation together and reduce debt and give a quality of life to every citizen.

SEMINAR 2 – Fear of Others by Olivia Cadaval & David Bosserman – A discussion of the fear of others. Newcomers into urban centers show a fear of “others” especially if the “others” don’t look like them. This discussion will explore this fear as evidenced in a very diverse but gentrifying neighborhood in Washington DC. What to do?

2:30-3:30 pm Workshop session #2

POST THEATER – Social Media for Greens by Dave Schwab T- his workshop will introduce Facebook and Twitter, the dominant social media platforms in the political landscape, and how to use them effectively to build your campaign and your party. Learn how to use social media better to grow the Green movement, whether you have experience or not.

SEMINAR 1 – Giving Addicts a Safe Passage by AJ Reed – This interactive workshop will go over the Safe Passage program developed in Northwest IL, where a grassroots organization got their local law enforcement to stop arresting addicts, and put them into treatment.

SEMINAR 2 – Presidential Politics Looking Ahead to 2020 by John Andrews and Violet Zitola – The Green Party presidential campaign plays a vital role in increasing awareness of the Green Party and in building our electoral strength at all levels. This workshop will discuss strategies and tactics that may be needed in the 2020 campaign environment. We will also discuss how the nomination process works and the role of state parties in that process.

4:00-5:00 pm Workshop session #3

POST THEATER – Recount Update: Election Protection & Voting Justice by Jill Stein & David Cobb – Overview of Ranked Choice Voting and status of progress.

SEMINAR 1 – Virality, Organic Reach and Growth in an Age of Censorship by Elijah Manely & Jake Ellis .

SEMINAR 2 – Campaigning In Rural America by AJ Reed – This interactive workshop will offer advice for those that have considered to run for office in rural areas. This will include municipal settings; such as unincorporated, villages and micropolitan areas.


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